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Trollin’ on a Twitter

I know I owe anyone still reading this blog an explanation for my disappearance.  But, meh.

Yep.  I said meh.

I just haven’t felt like delving into the long story of what happened after my last blog post, and in fact my resistance to writing such a long, boring story kept me away from here even longer.  So, aside from letting you all know that the subject of my last blog post has made it through chemo and is currently in remission, I really don’t want to do the whole “year in my life” thing and just move onto some funny things I’ve just been dying to blog about.

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Shit Like This Shouldn’t Happen…

I haven’t forgotten about you guys.  I promise, I really haven’t.  And I’m saying “you guys” like there are people out there who are actually going to read this, even though I have no thought whatsoever about advertising this blog post, so in all likelihood this one will go unread for the most part.  But there are some things going on in my life that I thought I’d get off my chest, in case anyone out there was wondering what was going on.

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Social Media Whore

I’m back again, with another blog about all the nonsense I’ve been up to on Twitter!  Okay, don’t roll your eyes.  This is going to be great.  Besides… there are cookies!

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An Introduction to Sudoku

Today I had one of those days where every minute was pretty much spoken for, from the moment I got up, until right about… well, now actually. In the middle of the day, I had scheduled the kids’ dental appointments, which, you know, we’ve all been there. I mean, maybe some of you don’t have kids, but you’ve been to the dentist for yourself. And, honestly, the waiting room at the dentist is one of the most torturous experiences in life.

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The Beard is Back

I’ve finally dusted off the old twitter and started tweeting again, guys.  I know, I was once hailed as “the King of Twitter” (by, I think, as many as 2, maybe 3 people).  Since that time, though, my following has dwindled dramatically as I have really slowed my twitter usage.  Then something happened around the beginning of February that earned me a number of followers… I was retweeted by the Bloggess.

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Gangsta Cockatoo

Right about now, you may be asking yourself, “What the hell could this blog possibly be about?!”  Granted, I’ve settled on a weird title, but I promise there’s a payoff coming here.  So the story of Gangsta Cockatoo begins at the Pinal County Fair…

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The Descent into Madness

Day 1

Dear Candy Crush Saga,

I managed to avoid playing you until today.  I knew a lot of my friends on Facebook were all about playing you, but I was afraid to start because I tend to get totally addicted to puzzle games (there was an ugly Tetris-related incident in ’91… I’d rather not get into it).

But today my ex begged me to play it so I could send her lives.  So I did… and while I was sending out lives I went ahead and started playing some levels… and discovered that I may very well be the GREATEST CANDY CRUSH PLAYER OF ALL TIME!

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