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Trollin’ on a Twitter

March 23, 2016

I know I owe anyone still reading this blog an explanation for my disappearance.  But, meh.

Yep.  I said meh.

I just haven’t felt like delving into the long story of what happened after my last blog post, and in fact my resistance to writing such a long, boring story kept me away from here even longer.  So, aside from letting you all know that the subject of my last blog post has made it through chemo and is currently in remission, I really don’t want to do the whole “year in my life” thing and just move onto some funny things I’ve just been dying to blog about.

And Then, Today Happened

So, yeah.  I’ve been planning on writing some things on here.  I’ve even saved a ton of drafts of things, but nothing really sparked me to return to my blog until today.  What’s so special about today, you may ask?  Well, today I witnessed the single greatest Twitter troll session I’ve ever seen.  And I just couldn’t wait to post it here for posterity.

The tollmaster of the day was none other than Michael Ian Black, one of my favorite comedians (and former star of my favorite sketch comedy show from my late-high school to early-college years, The State).


Bam.  This dude.

His troll session came on the heels of one of the more dreadful moments of the current election season, where horrible Republican candidate Ted Cruz stated that Muslim neighborhoods should be secured and patrolled, an idea so distasteful that even more horrible opposing Republican candidate Donald Trump endorsed it.

Let It Begin…

The trolling began with Michael Ian Black’s trademark deadpan delivery of outlandish comments:

Okay.  Any of you who know me know my utter hatred and revulsion concerning my state’s version of Boss Hogg, Sheriff Joe Arpaio… as chronicled here.  So this pleased me greatly, and I was all-in on seeing this troll session play out.  He continues:

When trolling like this, the internet quickly divides between those who get it, and those who don’t.  Those who get the joke feed into the punchline willingly.  Those who don’t… well they feed into the punchline even better through their outrage.  Also, I noticed that a LOT of people who didn’t get it later deleted their tweets, probably because the joke was explained to them.  But it’s okay.  So here’s some of the replies he gave to some of the response tweets he received:






(There were actually two comments in Arabic, one of which was later taken down.  Therefore I’m only posting one of the Arabic comments and both replies)

This next guy not only fails to understand satire, but somehow thought “chipping” Muslims meant putting them through a wood chipper??


To a series of deleted tweets which pointed out the OBVIOUS (without getting the obvious joke) that this sounded a LOT like the holocaust:



And then this… the most hilarious exchange of the day in my opinion:


Yes, Michael.  THEY are the ones being sarcastic.

Let’s Go Eat Some Orphans

This was an amazing thing to watch this morning.  In all honesty, by not breaking character and continuously drawing parallels between the current political climate and the rise of the Nazi party, Michael Ian Black managed to create a satire piece as well constructed and as relevant as Johnathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”  And all in under 140 characters per post.

There is actually a lot more than what I posted here, so to view the Twitter session in its entirety, go check out Michael Ian Black’s timeline.  As for me, maybe now I can start publishing some of those drafts I’ve been hanging onto.


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