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Smoke Signals for the Blind

I’ve been holding off on writing this blog for a while now.  This is a very, very personal story, and as I’ve said before, I tend to keep this blog at arms-length from my real life.  I lean on sarcasm and wit to avoid getting too real.  However, some time ago I made a comment on another blog about how my daughter struggled to learn to read.  The response to that comment was a number of people asking to hear the full story. So, here it is… the story of how I taught my daughter to read.

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My Triumphant Return


Six months off.  Six months without so much as a word from me on social media, my blog… anything.  What the hell was that all about?

Mostly, it was about really NOT feeling it.  I just wasn’t there. I even felt like my Snowden blog was phoned in, and for that I made a conscious decision to take half a year off.  But, in all honesty, I should have returned on January first, not the fifteenth.  What can I say?  I’m a procrastinator by nature… but then you already knew that.

So here I am again.  And I’m on a mission: to post a blog a week for the remainder of the year.  That’s fifty blogs for 2014… I know some people who crank out 50 blogs in a month.  That should be easy, right?  Well, it will be… so long as I continue to FEEL it and not phone it in.

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Know Your Informer

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything.  I know… and I’m sorry.  I’ve had a lot going on, but mostly I haven’t felt all that funny, and when I HAVE felt funny, I’ve funneled it into other projects I have in the works.  That’s not a teaser. Okay technically I suppose hinting at “other projects” sounds a bit like a teaser, but it’s not meant to be.  Just… never mind.  Forget I said that.  The point is, I’m here now with another helpful blog to teach you all something important to learn.

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The Greatest Conversation Ever – Part 3

If you’ve missed the first two parts to this blog, nothing that follows will make any sense to you.  Okay, truth be told, even if you HAVE been following along, this blog is pretty much doomed to make very little sense, anyway.  After all, we’re talking about an epic battle to the finish between breakfast cereal mascots.  There’s only so much sense it can possibly make.  If you need to catch up on the conversation, though, you can check out part one HERE and part two HERE.  The basis of all this is a hilarious conversation which took place between myself and Kevin from A Ramblin’ Dad’s Blog.

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The Greatest Conversation Ever – Part 2

The conversation about breakfast cereals was a long, intense debate.  Determining who would win, for example, in a fight between Sonny, the guy who goes Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs, and the Trix Rabbit, is a daunting task.  It was however, a task that needed doing.  For humanity.

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The Greatest Conversation Ever

A lot of you follow me on the Twitters.  I love that.  To all my awesome followers, thank you for being the imaginary friends I talk to through the computer box thingy.  You complete me (and temporarily silence the voices).  Sometimes, though, I can be a twitter fuckup.  Sometimes, people follow me and I fail to notice it and follow them back.  If that ever happens, just fire me an @ and say hi.  I love conversing via Tweeter.  In fact, some of the funniest things I’ve ever said on the Twitternets has come in one of those @ conversations with other people.

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Blogging Lessons: Final Lesson

Pay Attention to Search Terms

Not everyone comes to your blog because they *subscribed to it, or because they saw your comments on another blog, or because they check your blog on a daily basis, hoping to see a new blog (what?  People totally do that!).  No, often people find your blog by typing something weird into Google and clicking randomly on the results.  So, by keeping track of the search terms that led people to your blog, you can have an idea what people are expecting when they find your blog.  On the other hand, you may also see a darker side of humanity that you aren’t completely prepared for.

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