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Gangsta Cockatoo

March 23, 2014

Right about now, you may be asking yourself, “What the hell could this blog possibly be about?!”  Granted, I’ve settled on a weird title, but I promise there’s a payoff coming here.  So the story of Gangsta Cockatoo begins at the Pinal County Fair…

I took the kids to the county fair today.  It was the last day of spring break for my son, and the other kids still have another week, so it seemed like a fitting way to end spring break week and transition into “what the hell do we do with these other two kids” week.  I mean, come on, TWO weeks for spring break?! If I’d had that much time in college, who knows what would have happened! My guess is that some light prison time and an extended probation would have been involved. But I digress.

Unfortunately for us, today was also the last day of the fair.  The animals had all been auctioned off last night, so checking out all the goats and sheep and whatnot wasn’t an option.  The show performers were all on their fifth day of 90+ degree temperatures (actually, officially, it only hit 89 at the fairgrounds today)… so they all seemed to be phoning it in.  All, that is, except for the woman running the trained bird show.

You know the crazy cat lady?  Of course you do.  They live in every town across the land.  You all either know the crazy cat person, or you ARE the crazy cat person.  Well, this woman was DEFINITELY the crazy bird lady.  At least she’s turned her bird mania into a career, which is kinda cool.  Still a little creepy, but kinda cool.

Her exuberance for all things avian shone through her show, and while most performers seemed to really be dragging ass, she was legitimately loving every minute of her bird show.  So, rather than move onto some other burned out (and sunburned out) vendor or performer, I hung back after the show to get a closer look at the birds.  We got to talking about her cockatoo in particular, because she mentioned he had just been in a credit card commercial.

It turns out this particular commercial is for a Korean credit card company, and has become a bit of a Youtube phenomenon.  She went on to say, “it seemed to me that the Koreans think all Americans live in ghettos and rap or are DJ’s.  Because they seemed extremely worried that my bird wasn’t being gangster enough.”  Now, she was either batshit crazy (entirely possible), or this may very well be the greatest commercial of all time.  Or both.

While I’m not ruling out the possibility that she’s batshit crazy, I’m totally in love with the commercial.  It features the greatest K-Pop song since “Gangnam Style” and the most muddled use of English since “Let’s Fighting Love.”  It’s reDONK.


Okay hold on.  I was reading this to my son and he pointed out that some of you might not know what “Let’s Fighting Love” is.  So, I suppose, I’ll include that video here.  The song was featured on an episode of South Park and made fun of the way J-Pop songs throw in English phrases, seemingly without a full understanding of what the words mean.  So, in “Let’s Fighting Love” the song is mostly in Japanese, with random inclusions of phrases like “Protect my balls,” “Hey hey, let’s go,” and of course the chorus line of “Let’s fighting love!”  So, for your listening pleasure, the intentionally confusing “Let’s Fighting Love”  (also, enjoy the accompanying anime versions of the South Park characters).

***Note: I’m told that the Japanese lyrics of the following song are EXTREMELY raunchy, so if you speak Japanese and are sensitive to that sort of thing, or if you happen to be at work and work with Japanese speaking people, you may wish to not click to play the “Let’s Fighting Love” video.***

So, Back To Gangsta Cockatoo

Bear in mind that the muddled English in the previous video was on purpose.  The following is not.  Here’s a little ditty I like to call “I Make Break Make” … and the cockatoo with the yellow … ummm… mohawk?  Plumage?  Thing?  That’s the one I saw at the fair.

Fiesta! HA! So that’s how I spent my Sunday, followed by how I spent my Sunday night trying to decypher the strangest Korean song I’ve ever heard.  How was your weekend, my blogbabies?


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  1. flyingplatypi permalink

    I love that episode of South Park!!! I often dream about having a trained platypi show in a carnival. Or, I run the Ferris wheel of terror. In which I trap people at the top til they pee themselves.



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