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Know Your Informer

July 1, 2013

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything.  I know… and I’m sorry.  I’ve had a lot going on, but mostly I haven’t felt all that funny, and when I HAVE felt funny, I’ve funneled it into other projects I have in the works.  That’s not a teaser. Okay technically I suppose hinting at “other projects” sounds a bit like a teaser, but it’s not meant to be.  Just… never mind.  Forget I said that.  The point is, I’m here now with another helpful blog to teach you all something important to learn.

So, who here remembers Snow?  You know, the white guy who did that song, “Informer” back in the early 90s?  I mean, I could do a blog about why on earth white rappers from that era felt the need to highlight their pasty whiteness by using names like “Vanilla Ice” and “Snow” … but I won’t.  I mean, I think if I rapped back in tha day, it’d be under the name “Cream Cheezy Cracker” or something equally horrible, so I won’t fault them for that.  No, this blog is about knowing your informer.

This is Snow.  He's an Informer.

This is Snow. He’s an Informer.

So, the song “Informer” was about… uhm… going to jail.  And becoming an informer.  And a licky boom boom down.

Okay TECHNICALLY the song was about how Snow WOULDN’T become an informer, but let’s forget that for a moment.  You see, knowing that someone named Snow who looked like the guy above, did a song called “Informer”… the NSA and CIA went ahead and hired THIS guy…

This is Snowden.  He's an informer, too.

This is Snowden. He’s an informer, too.

His name is Edward Snowden, and he’s the whistle-blower who leaked information about the NSA and CIA.  Seriously.  I mean, could these two guys LOOK more alike?  So, as a public service to all of you, I’m going to now teach you how you can tell Snow from Snowden… so you, too, can know your informer.



If you need to, click the image above to get a larger version.  Now, you know the difference between Snow and Snowden.  A licky boom boom down.  And finally…

This is snowed-in.  By snow.

This is snowed-in. By snow.


There you have it.  Now you, too, can know your informer.  It’s important to know these things.  I mean, imagine if you went to Russia and saw Edward Snowden and started singing “Informer” to him.  Or, if you ran into Snow at his current job and, instead of placing your order for a Big Mac Value Meal, you placed a call to the CIA to turn him in.  It would be embarrassing.  It would be like… I don’t know… mistaking a Planeteer for someone from Miss Frizzle’s class.



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  1. You just blew my whole fucking world wide open…

    Aaaaand now I have that shitty song stuck in my head!! Damn it.



    • I KNOW! You know what’s worse? Every time you see a news story about Snowden now, you’ll start singing that damn song in your head all over again.

  2. I know I’m not focusing on the main point of this post, but the Planteers and Miss Frizzle’s class is really blowing my mind.

    • It blew my mind as well. I was all… WHAT THE HELL! But then again, we should have all known those kids would grow up to do something crazy, with all the shit she exposed them to at a young age.

  3. I took many many valuable things away from this…but…..I didn’t know informer had meaning at all. It was the song that was playing when I was forced to help my friend with two broken arms pee into a bathtub in the woods, and for that it will always remain special.

  4. mylifeaslucille permalink

    And…this. Is the reason. I will love you forever. Holy shit. #MindBlown It’s been a while. Whoa.

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