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  1. I think my favourite is the ever popular “I just wrote a whole big comment but my computer ate it. Great article though! Come to my site blackjack/hookers/godknowswhatelse”.

    • I love that one. BUT my site has actually been known to eat comments, so I never really know…

    • Also… can you forward me the url to the blackjack and hookers site? THAT sounds like a winner.

  2. Okay, so I came by because I’ve been a bad blog reader and haven’t been keeping up and then you left this BAD ASS awesome epic comment about your kid hacking Disney for Phineas and Ferb points and well– I had guilt. I keep missing you! You really should have an email subscription thingy so people like me don’t fall through the cracks. Get it…cracks? Anyway, as for the spam comments, they aren’t all bad. Sometimes askimet doesn’t catch mine and I leave them up. Creative suckers!

    • AND… sometimes Akismet thinks non-spam is spam. As it did with your comment just now. Luckily I happened to be online and caught it. Silly Akismet.

      I wonder if MENTIONING Akismet leads it to suspect something is spam?? Hmmmmm…

      I once had an email subscription… I wonder when I removed that? Probably when I redesigned my page with the blogroll and whatnot. I definitely DO need to fix that.

      And cracks… I see what you did there 😉

  3. I just happened to see your kick ass comment on Julie’s blog and had to check out your blog. OMG, I’ve been so wrong. Instead of tracking down those damn spammers and stomping them into ant appetizers, I should learn to love them?! I shall mend my evil ways and embrace my army of spammers.

    And I agree with Julie, you need an email subscription thingy so I can silently stalk you and learn from your awesome wisdom!

    • I’m glad I could educate and inform you on the beauty of spam. It is, after all, often the most adoring of fans imaginable.

      As for the email subscription button… looking to see how I managed to delete that. Also, thank you SO MUCH for following me on Twitter!

  4. OMG. The spam drives me nuts. I dig the way you look at it tho. Maybe I’ll start actually paying attention.



    • Spammers need love, too! Unless they’re automated spambots, in which case I guess… they really don’t. Hmmm…

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