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My Cult is Shaping Up Quite Nicely, Thanks.

April 30, 2013

I slept for four hours last night.  On the one hand, that sucks.  On the other hand, that is the best night sleep I’ve had in a week.  My sleep cycle is a challenge since moving to the couch.  Some days, I take the kids to school, come home, and collapse into one of their beds, other days I’m not so lucky.  But there are fewer and fewer beds I can collapse into these days.  You see, I’ve got even more people living with me now.

To Recap…

So here’s a little recap on my living arrangement, in case you folks are behind on the story.  I was living in the same town as my ex and her husband.  It was a decent arrangement, as they had a small 2 bedroom place with their son, and I was renting a huge 4 bedroom house with my two kids.  Then I lost my job and was finding it difficult to make ends meet.  They were paying about the same rent I was, so we decided to all move into my house.  It would be fine.  I would give up the master bedroom to them, and take one of the smaller rooms.  My son would still have his own room, while my daughter would share her room with their young son.  So, everything seemed to work out, I was able to help make ends meet while starting up my ice cream business and they had a bedroom which was probably larger than the entire living space of their previous place.

Then her 18 year old son boomeranged back home.  It happens.  In this case, he made some really stupid decisions while living on his own for the first time and ended up being court ordered back into her supervision.  That sucked, but we made room for him in my son’s room.  Now I had my own room, Hollie and her husband had the master bedroom, my daughter was sharing her room and my son was sharing his.  Next, though, the exmil moved in.  That’s right, Hollie’s mom moved in (biological mom even… not the person who raised her.  She was raised by her maternal grandmother, so you can imagine the tension).  I gave up my room to make space.  This was the point where I ended up sleeping on the couch every night.  But, like I said, I started sneaking into my daughter’s room on days where they were at school and sleeping in the bottom bunk.  It was doable.  Now, though…

We Have Another House Guest

Yep.  We did it again.  This time, a friend of Hollie’s found herself without a place to stay.  She recently moved back to Arizona after living in California and Nevada for the last 5 years, and when she arrived here, she didn’t have a job lined up.  So she moved in with her daughter initially while she looked for work and looked for a place to live.  This would have worked well, until tension between her and her daughter’s new boyfriend made living there unbearable.  Ever the charitable soul, I opened my doors again to this new house guest.  This forced my son to move his bed into the room with my daughter and their half-brother, and the 18 year old to take the couch in the game room.

I think it’s safe to say, we’re a cult now.  Or at the very least, a commune.  We should make pottery and wear flowers in our hair.  That’s what communes do, right?

On the Bright Side…

Our new house guest has adorable granddaughters.  The oldest is five, and the youngest is three.  The girls were visiting the house the other day and I put the Lion King on in the game room to occupy the girls so they wouldn’t be bored.  Silly me… between a house FULL of cool older kids and awesome kittens and whatnot, they barely noticed the movie was even playing.  At one point, though, the three year old was passing through the game room and paused in front of the “Just Can’t Wait to be King” sequence.  The following conversation ensued…

3: *sigh* I wish I were a giraffe.

Me: Well, keep wishing hard.  They say if you wish a wish hard enough, you can make it come true.

3:  What does that mean?

Me: I assume it means if you keep wishing, maybe some day you’ll be a giraffe.

3: Silly!  It doesn’t work like that!

Me: Pfft!  Not with THAT attitude.




Me: (raising eyebrows)

3: What are YOU looking at?!

Me: A young giraffe.

On a Side Note

Today is my one year blog-iversary, so give me some love in the comments!  Also, I have a series of blogs mostly … but not totally… written on what I’ve noticed and learned through one year on this blog.  Love ya, my blogbabies!


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  1. stacey permalink

    She obviously did not realize she was talking to the King of Twitter. That or she didn’t know Twitter kings grant wishes!

    • Twitter kings DO grant wishes. However, the wishes immediately vanish the moment you doubt their existence.

  2. One year! Fuck yeah!

    • Thank you! In my first 6 months, I built and cultivated a huge following… which I have spent the last 6 months disappointing. Nice to see some of you still around, though!

  3. flyingplatypi permalink

    I’ve been wishing I was a platypus for years now. Sigh… One day perhaps.




    • Oh, my dear. You are TOTALLY a platypus. In much the same way the Wizard of Oz bullshits his way out of granting wishes in the Emerald City, I grant your wish to you. Don’t you see… you’ve been a platypus all along!

      PS: now that you’re done with A-Z and I’ll soon be done with blog-iversary stuff, we totally need to talk 😉

  4. Happy Blog Birthday!
    Love that the commune thing is working out!

  5. Happy blogaversary, although I’m clearly like ten months late (a careful reader would notice that it’s actually just short of 2 months. Are YOU a careful reader?).

    One thing’s for sure – you’ll never be bored at home!

    Also…you have an ice-cream business? How do I get on your good side and arrange for recurring shipment of ice-cream to Denmark?

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