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The Ever Evolving Avatar

February 8, 2013

Before I get into this post, did anyone else see that the movies Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are both in production right now?  Seriously, Hollywood, settle down!!

Anyway, on to what I decided to post here.  Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that my avatar keeps changing.  Initially, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my avatar to be, so I went with my ice cream company logo.  Then, after a few months, I began changing the image regularly.  I wanted to do a little montage of my ever changing twitter avatar, complete with awesome music… but that sort of thing seemed like a lot of work.  So, instead, just hum Eye of the Tiger to yourself as you look at my past twitter avatars and the explanations for their existence.

The King of Twitter

This was the first, and I have @staceylynn1972  to thank for it.  She decided, one day, to proclaim that I was the king of twitter.  I assume, therefore, that this is true, since nobody has told me otherwise (heavy is the crown, though… heavy is the crown).  So, I took a picture of myself wearing a crown.  Logical, yes?  Yes.  And then I took that picture of myself into Windows Paint and turned it into a cartoon.  Logical, yes?  No.  But fun!  I decided to use that cartoon as my avatar.   So, for a long time, this is what I looked like on Twitter:

Bow before your king!

Bow before your king!

The King of Christmas

So, as Christmas approached, I decided to do an easy revamp of my twitter avatar.  And thus, I became the king of Christmas (wait, shouldn’t that be Jesus?  Oh well… details, details).  Also, note the change in facial hair.  The facial hair I have on my avatar is the same facial hair I have when making the avatar in Windows Paint.  Odd that I would chose that ONE thing to be accurate, now that I think of it…

Ho! Ho! Ho!  (That's the sound of the courtesy laughter my jokes get on Twitter)

Ho! Ho! Ho! (That’s the sound of the courtesy laughter my jokes get on Twitter)

The Old Year is Dead… Long Live the New Year!

These flimsy references to kings are getting pretty awful.  Oh well.  So, what does one do when Christmas is over??  Get ready for the new year, of course!  So, once again, I revamped my avatar in good ol’ Windows Paint.  This time, though, the redo required a lot more work.  I couldn’t keep the old fur lining from the crown, which had become the fur on my Santa hat.  The result:

Yeah, this one didn't turn out as good as the previous ones, huh.

Yeah, this one didn’t turn out as good as the previous ones, huh.

Smashing Pumpkins: Cherub Rock; Me: Rock the Cherub

So, after New Year’s Day had come and gone, I was left with the question of what to do with my avatar next.  Return to my original king look?  Go back to my ice cream dude?  OR move on the the next holiday?  I think we all know the answer here.  But, how could I turn a cartoon of my head into something relevant to an upcoming holiday??  I first considered the upcoming notable dates.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  Ummm… NO.  President’s day made the most sense, as I could add a powdered wig to myself, but it came after all the other upcoming dates of note.  So I focused on Valentines Day, and could only think of one use of my head.  So, yeah.  I became cupid.


The beard is back… and I had to draw myself some hair (which came out a bit weird).

Down With Love!  Long Live Debauchery!

So, as the ACTUAL event (Valentines Day) approaches, it occurs to me that I’m pretty much anti-Valentines Day.  Yeah, imagine that.  So, I think I’d make a pretty horrible cupid.  Thinking quickly, I realized that Fat Tuesday actually PRECEDES Valentines Day this year, so I went back into Paint and made myself a new avatar.  I did make one mistake, though.  It should have a goatee instead of a beard.  I guess I’m getting sloppy about the facial hair accuracy.

I... could use a hobby, huh.

I… could use a hobby, huh.

So.. What’s Next?

I have no idea… but I can only assume that there will be a St. Patrick’s Day version coming soon.  I do, at some point, plan on going back to my King of Twitter avatar, though.  This has been fun, but I gotta draw the line at some point.


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  1. Your avatar looks so brave and noble. I think it’s the beard. :0)



    • The beard is back! Wait… I just quoted a tagline for Duck Dynasty, didn’t I? Well… anyway… thanks!

  2. You’ll have to forgive me if I’d previously thought the first picture was a rasta beanie and not a crown. I can’t help it, I live in a hippy town, and that’s the normal thing to see 😛 Anyways, it looks dignified either way.

    • I kind of love that you thought I was cool enough to pull off a Rasta beanie. So… thanks!

  3. All of the holidays look so dramatic with you as their mascot.

    • Don’t they? It’s as if, I am declaring the holiday season to officially begin. For my newest avatar, I am a leprechaun with his hands dramatically on his hips.

  4. mylifeaslucille permalink

    Well…you could go with a Roman New Year thing. That would be unpredictable.

    • I love … yet also am confused by… your suggestion. I would LOVE to mix it up with an unexpected holiday (for example, my dismissal of Valentines and switching to Mardi Gras well in advance of February 14). However,,, how does one dress for Roman new year?! Like Caesar with a “2013” sash?! So many questions.

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