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Celebrating the Coincidental Alignment of Numbers

December 13, 2012

So how did you celebrate 12/12/12?  What?  You mean to tell me you didn’t find this to be an event worthy of celebration?  Man, you missed out then.  I partied.  I partied like it was December 12th, 2012.  Which is appropriate, because it totally was.  How does one appropriately “celebrate” a coincidental alignment of numeric values assigned to the date?  Well, let me walk you through my awesome day.  First, I did some school work.  I know, I can’t believe my school didn’t declare the day a holiday either.  Anyway, AFTER that I got the kids from school (their schools were remiss in the holiday declaration thing, too), got some books from the library (I’m finally getting around to reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss… I’ll feel bad about only now getting around to reading it when HE finally gets around to writing the third book.  Check. Mate.), and then we went to McDonalds.  Okay yes I know this so far doesn’t sound like much of a celebration, and more like “what I did on Wednesday,” but no, this is the celebration, damnit.  Finally, as we returned home, I watched the 12/12/12 concert and live tweeted the event.

Live Tweeting the 12/12/12 Concert

So last night there was this big benefit concert.  Apparently the purpose of the concert was to raise money for hurricane Sandy relief, though it was hard to tell since they mentioned it so rarely (sarcasm!).  I came home from McDonalds (still regretting that dinner choice, by the way.  UGH) and Roger Waters was already on.  They were scrolling live tweets above the stage as the bands played, and all you had to do to have one of your tweets considered for the text crawl was to include the hashtag #121212Concert … but I did NOT participate in that.  Frankly, I don’t think my tweets were the sort of inspirational thoughts they were looking for.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters... and... a dancer?

So, first up, as I said, was Roger Waters, playing all the Pink Floyd greats.  You can see him above… looking a bit bemused to share the stage with that other guy.

What I tweeted:


What I WISH I had tweeted:



Bon Jovi

bon jovi bruce springsteen

Next up, Bon Jovi hit the stage, with Jon Bon Jovi wearing a black turtleneck and pretending to be Archer.  They were joined (and upstaged) by Bruce Springsteen on one song, as you can see above.

What I tweeted:


What I WISH I had tweeted:




Eric Clapton

eric clapton

Then Eric Clapton hit the stage, and was fucking awesome.  He was so awesome, in fact, that it put a stop to the twitter sarcasm for the most part.  And when I say “for the most part” I mean “for everyone but me.”

What I tweeted:


The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones

Next up on stage, the Rolling Stones.  For TWO SONGS.  What the hell?  What kind of set was that?!  I’ve seen kindergarten classes FILLED with children with ADHD pull off more songs than that in a school program!

What I tweeted:



What I WISH I had tweeted:


Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys was pretty much amazing as well.  At one point, she had the audience hold up their cell phones.  It was almost as awesome as when Roger Waters had everyone hold up their lit joints! (That didn’t happen)

What I tweeted:


What I WISH I had tweeted:


To be honest, I did tweet something VERY SIMILAR to this… only Todd Barry did it first and I didn’t see it.  Also, he did it better… so there’s that.

The Who

the who

The Who put on the best performance of the night.  They played a full set and were absolutely ROCKING the stage.  So, as with the previous amazing performances, the sarcasm level went way down.  I, however, kept the snark level high.

What I tweeted:



Kanye West

kanye west

And then… this happened.  No shit, I know following The Who after they destroyed on stage was a big task, no matter who the follow-up act was.  Still.  Kanye?  Why, sir, are you wearing a leather skirt, leggings, and a hoodie?

What I tweeted:




What I WISH I had tweeted:




On an unrelated side note… @lisaandtots is my new hero.

Billy Joel

billy joel

Next up was the Piano Man himself, Mr. Billy Joel.  And, yeah.  Wow.  He was … well … he looked like he ATE Billy Joel.  He sure seemed red-faced and sweaty.

What I tweeted:



What I WISH I had tweeted:



Chris Martin

chris martin

Next came Chris Martin of Coldplay (you know… Mr. Gweneth Paltrow).  And, in a surprise move, he was joined for a cover of “Losing My Religion” by Michael Stipe of REM.

What I tweeted:



What I WISH I had tweeted:


Paul McCartney

paul mccartney

For the grand finale… Sir Paul McCartney came out on stage.  And, yes, that’s Dave Grohl behind him.  In fact, for one song, there was an entire Nirvana reunion with Paul McCartney filling in for Curt Cobain.

What I tweeted:




What I WISH I had tweeted:


Other Assorted Madness

When Kristen Stewart was on stage…


When Jimmy Fallon was on stage…

When Sean Combs was on stage…



When Brian Williams KEPT SAYING “You can’t swing a dead cat in here without hitting a celebrity”…


At 12:06 AM Eastern Time…


Once in a Lifetime

I hope you all made the most of this once in a lifetime event.  There will never be another 12/12/12 in your lifetime… probably… unless you live for another 100 years.  The point is, it’s done.  Then again… there will never be another 12/13/12 … or 12/14/12 … for that matter you could say that of any date.  I mean, that’s how time works.




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  1. I wish I had stayed up as late as I usually do, so I could have seen all of those live. Although I am a little hurt that you didn’t feature my Kanye tweet… Too edgy? 😉

    • …mmmmm a BIT yeah. I was hoping, though, to see that one on the crawl of tweets above the stage. That would have been EPIC.

  2. Damn… Now I kinda wish I watched the concert.. I have to get on to the whole “Twitter” bandwagon!



    • You really do! You were made for the tweeter! But, be forewarned… it’s pretty addictive.

  3. Those are some damn priceless tweets. I’m kind of sad that I missed the Twitter Party during that concert! I had some good ones too, just no witnesses. …wait – does a can of Pringles and a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s count as witnesses? The bottle has a little hula lady on it that I have frequent conversations with…

    • The Sailor Jerry’s hula girl totally counts. As for the Pringles guy, no. He does not count. Now you know, for future reference.

      • I don’t know whether to thank you for clearing that up for me, or think that you may possibly be racist against awesome cartoon mustaches, since both of those “people” are fictional. But in your defense, Hula girls are WAY hotter, and I’m too far into my to bottle to debate cartoonish mustaches with myself.
        You win this round, CrakGenius… *shakes fist at the sky*

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