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I’m Against Everything

November 2, 2012

…and Everyone.

It’s election time in America, and what better way to express your deeply held personal beliefs, which are nobody’s business but your own, than by putting it on a large cardboard sign and waiving it in front of the media and, by extension  the world?  I know!  It’s a great way to let the world know that, yes, you are a complete douchenozzle.

But, this year more than in the past, I’ve seen anti-sign signage, which is pretty awesome.  It’s random acts of sarcasm, standing in open defiance of open defiance, and I fucking LOVE it.  So, after a whirlwind season of protesting protests, and campaigning against campaigns, here are some of my favorite snarky signs.

Gay Marriage

Let’s face it: the gays have a sense of humor.  Wait… was that a stereotype??

Well, this guy…

…fucking GETS IT!

I don’t know… she’s kinda workin’ it…

He probably does, now that you mention it.

…and sometimes, just pointing out the pointlessness of the protest is enough. (dude, I hear God hates those things)

The Tea Party

Nobody carries more irritating signs than Tea Partiers (sp?) … Tea Party-goers (?) … Tea Par-tay People (um… no) … people who mindlessly follow Glenn Beck.  That is, unless it’s the people protesting the people of the Tea Party.  These are some signs attributed to anti-Tea Party protesters (though I didn’t really do anything to verify this… I’m lazy like that).

Heyyy, Hoooo!

(pssst… he means you guys)

Way to take the hard line, bro.

…it isn’t?

Finally, I had to track the source of this one, and it was in fact NOT being carried by anti-Tea Party protesters, but by members of the Tea Party.  Which, okay, I know they get off on comparing Obama to Hitler, but…

Obama’s the same as Charlie Chaplin?? What??? Huh????


These aren’t in the tea party section, but DAMN a lot of them are from tea party rallies!  Seriously, someone should spell check those people’s signs before allowing them to march about in front of the Fox News cameras.

Speaking of Fox News… I don’t know what “infromed” means, but, yeah, they probably do that to me, too.

…but spell in whatever language you want…

Ahh Arizona… where you can really get a first-rate “eduction”

Pfft… it’s spelled maroons. Moar-ons. Maurawns. Ummmm… GO USA!!


Finally, just random awesomeness to end this thing.

…and yet you still do…

OMG guys, we were totally here to protest… ummm….

FINALLY a protest I can get behind!

Generic angry retort

Don’t fear the reaper, baby.

Dude. I know. I ask myself that ALL the time!

Until next time… see you in the comments my blogbabies!


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  1. Haha love these! I’m very happy to see the message about corduroy skirts is getting out there, I couldn’t agree more.
    The sight of that kid protestor was perturbing- he appears to be posing for the joke sign guy’s camera, unaware of what a little hate-monger he’s being. His momma should be smacked.

    • Well, I’m glad to spread the word about corduroy skirts. The more you know…

      The kid protester will probably grow up to 1) be gay or 2) hate his mom (or both).

      I’m still waiting for clarification as to why Obama = Charlie Chaplin. Did our president do some amazing silent film work that I’m unaware of?

  2. Love this post. Also love that you said douchenozzle. Which is clearly worse than douchebag. Seriously. New. Favorite. Insult.

    • Mine too! I use it entirely too often, and out loud. It always gives me a chuckle.

      Also… everyone who reads my blog should go check out Natalie’s attempt to read vanity plates on her blog. It made me laugh my ass off!

  3. Seriously. I sprayed my Crystal Coke all over my monitor at this one. Ahhh. More cowbell, indeed.

  4. Okay, I tweeted it, Facebooked it three times on 3 different pages… this is classic! Great post!!

  5. I love the look on the lady’s face whose sign says “I forgot what we are protesting”! She’s just so happy to be involved!

    • I know… she’s totally having a blast! The guy looks like he’s just looking for the beer garden.

  6. I am more than a little confused about shaven balls at a protest. Is it like not shaving your legs because you know you won’t get any action? So the protest is pointless and his balls won’t get any hot protest action?

    • Well you gotta make the balls look good in case… um… wait. I just realized my whole argument was predicated on the concept that one can make balls look good. So. Yeah, I got nuthin I guess.

  7. Well, Charlie Chaplin does have the quote, “Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.” He was clearly against success, a proponent of class warfare and reduction of defense spending.

  8. I love these signs, but I have to admit I’m not sure I could keep my calm long enough to hold one by the kind of fanatics that are usually protesting this way. I’m ashamed (sort of) to admit that I turn into a rage faced, frothing at the mouth lunatic when it comes to people against homosexuals. Also, if you’re going to make the extreme comparison between Obama and Hitler, why not just put forth the effort of getting an actual Hitler pic? Did somebody copy right Hitler’s face???

    • Holy shit… can you copyright a person’s face?? I’m totally going to go out and copyright Sara Palin’s face. That way they’ll have to pay me every time they show that media whore’s mug on camera.

  9. Haha, not only is the post funny but reading the comments is equally funny! Please please go ahead with the Palin idea!

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