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Defriend… a Verb Invented by Facebook

September 17, 2012

My last post was a bit on the angry side.  From time to time, though, I will be putting down anecdotes of my life on this blog, and as you saw over the weekend, those are occasionally a bit angry.  But, I want this blog to be mostly lighthearted humor.  So I’m hurrying to put up something funny to get the bitter taste of the previous blog post out of my mouth.

Why People Don’t Chat With Me on Facebook

I occasionally have been known to engage in chat on Facebook.  I know, you can wipe the mock look of surprise off your face, we all chat on Facebook… I get that.  But it’s rare indeed that people who chat with me want to ever engage in chat with me more than once.  Why?  Well… here.  As an example, here’s a conversation I had with a friend (who is also a blogger… see her blog here) today:

TCH: I’ve gone 5 days without smoking


TCH: Why?

Me: Why what?  Why way to go?  Because I’m anti-smoking (as an air breather).  Not the preachy kind who gets all self-righteous around smokers.  Just the kind to cheer on the quitters.

TCH: Well, I didn’t quit. I was just testing if it was possible, and it is.  So I might quit soon.

Me: LOL  Tested quitting… By quitting…  Which means… you quit… but you didn’t?  You know, if I were a robot this would be the part where the paradox makes my head explode.

TCH: LOL I still will buy ciggies tomorrow night, but at least I now know I only smoke because I’m bored.  I didn’t kill that many people so I don’t think I am too physically addicted

Me: Well… that’s good I guess…  I’ve always said poverty is a learning experience… if nothing else

TCH: Wasn’t it your dad who said that?

Me: Hmm.  Probably.  Asshole thing to say.

TCH: I’ve learned tons today. Like poverty fucking SUCKS!  I have biked and done exercises. And eaten a healthy meal of boiled rice and water….

Me: I ate a lunch of Lucky Charms cereal.

Me: It’s healthy… minus the marshmallows

Me: actually… include the marshmallows. You can’t exclude the body’s need for vitamin M.

Me: Hello?

Okay, she just lost connection.  But in most cases, that’s where people decide to stop chatting with me.  I can’t take anything seriously, and most people get fed up with that.  Not this friend, luckily.  She can take a joke, unlike most people.

Defriend is Facebook for #Unfollow 

I love when people get defensive on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s social media, people.  Let’s NOT take this stuff seriously.  A friend’s daughter recently “liked” a photo which made fun of republicans on Facebook (LIKED… not posted or shared… liked).  And in response, she was forced to call her father and uncle and apologize for her insensitivity.  Holy crap people.  They should have, instead, apologized to HER for being overly sensitive.  Along those lines, one of my favorite people on twitter, Todd Barry, recently made fun of the hashtag #Unfollow with this tweet:

this… pure awesome

Fraggle Rock On…

I have no idea where to go with this post… so I’ll end with complete nonsense.  I posted this video on Facebook because Chris Hardwick (the Nerdist) posted it on Twitter and I fell in love with the video.  So, enjoy!


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  1. Aside from the horrid political rants and duck face pictures that make me want to disown most members my family, I fucking love facebook. I have an aunt who got fired up because I commented that a picture of a rat sleeping with a teddy bear was adorable. She ACTUALLY got mad at me, which makes me want to post more stupid shit, because that’s hilarious. And if we were real life internet friends, I would chat your ear off about marshmallows. Mostly to cry about how many carbs they have and how that’s shitty because marshmallows are awesome.

    • Well, for future reference, the vitamin M content totally counter-balances the carbs. You heard it here first.

  2. If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s overly sensitive people with no sense of humor!!! UGH!!! Also, I understand how you feel about the chats. It’s why I stopped logging in. I couldn’t take the rejection anymore. ;o)




    • Hehe… reminds me of the latest Loading Artist comic, actually… I saw it soon after I posted this and thought, “Oh, man, can I ever relate to THAT”.
      Also, hell YEAH! The video is totally Fraggletastic! I noticed that the Bloggess gave the video a tweet also. It’s super infectious!

      …and Neil Patrick Harris just tweeted it as well. IT’S TAKING OVER THE INTERWEBS AND GOOGLENETS!

      • I. Love. NPH.

        It’s almost as if he’s stalking me and knows I like it… And reposted it so that I would know that he knows I like it. And he wants me to show up at his house with a six pack and a movie. Just to hang.

        Or… Maybe this is how I got arrested last time.

  3. Vitamin M is possibly the most overlooked nutrient. Thank you for recognizing its importance for part of this complete breakfast.

    • You’re welcome! You know, they sell bulk packs of JUST Lucky Charms marshmallows. Though, I don’t think an overdose of any particular vitamin is all that good for you… even vitamin M.

  4. It drives me crazy that things you “like” on Facebook seem to randomly show up in people’s newsfeeds. If I wanted everyone on earth to see it I would SHARE it – isn’t that the whole point of having two different buttons? Sheesh.

    • I totally agree… they have two buttons with apparently the same function. I really don’t like “like” and try to use it sparingly. Essentially, before clicking “like,” I ask myself, “do I want this in people’s newsfeed?”

      “Share,” however, is a function I can totally get behind. It does what it says and says what it does.

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