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  1. Some Motherfuckers Could Indeed Use a Good Punch In The Face. Also, I used extra capitalization in there for you, and here are some gratuitous expletives… ball-licking cocksucker! Fucktwit! Bushwallah! (That’s not one, but it sounds like one, so it should be)

    • Bushwallah is more explicative than expletive. I love that you added “ball-licking” to “cocksucker.” It seems much more complete and vile that way.

  2. I just sprayed beer out my nose when I read this! I’ve replied to spam before just to see if a real person would be reading it.

    • Sorry about the alcohol abuse. But, YEAH! Do they ever answer? I’m hoping and praying to get a reply one of these days. And, please for the love of Zeus, let it be in broken English and full of utter nonsense.

  3. The weirdest part of this post is that a man dressed as a bunny actually did run up to me at the horror con and try to give me some weird pudding in a cup. He smelled like a dirty sock. I didn’t eat the pudding. Because my mama raised me right.



    • You should have punched him in the face with a mannequin arm. But, dare I remind you… mama raised you right enough not to take pudding that smelled like a dirty sock, yet you still took free candy from a stranger. So… there’s that.

      • Good thing most people aren’t smart enough to crush roofies into a fine powder and roll a blow pop in it. Except me, of course. (I have a collection of creepy looking men in my basement…)

  4. Your analogy made me think of this:

    (There! A link to up the dodginess of this comment!)

    I do love me some randomness. Although the desire to correct spammers’ grammar is great.

    • Wow… I uh… huh. So … that was… something?

      I can honestly say I hadn’t seen that before writing this blog. Wow. Comedy dunk.

      LOL you cracked me up though… and it was utter randomness!

  5. I try not to be too cranky about spam. Sometimes it’s the only positive feedback I get. My spammers love me!

    • Spammers are full of love… and Viagra. And weight loss supplements. And SEO optimization.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I love spammers, as you know. Your spammers are high quality! My new favorite is the spammer who wants clarification on my blogroll. “Lista de Email,” which sounds Brazilian, cannot fully understand the concept of promoting a person or idea online. Which is funny. For a spammer.

    • I get mail from Ms. de Email all the time. We’re tight.

      • Me too! As a matter of fact, she has commented on THIS POST alone twice already. Once to tell me “nice post” (followed by a series of links to a Brazilian website), and once to tell me “with this I disagree” (followed by more links). Some day maybe we should all send thank you notes to Ms. de Email. She really deserves it for all of the attention she gives all of us!

        And Jillian, of COURSE I gave you a shout out! You did it first, after all. When I thought of doing this myself, I knew I couldn’t NOT connect to your blog.

  7. Three more from Ms. de email. This is far more attention than I’m receiving from men right now, so I’m thinking of maybe changing my priorities.

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