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Suck It, Boy Scouts of America!

July 17, 2012

My, What an Unfortunate Choice of Verbiage…

I have to preface this by saying, this isn’t an actual blog post.  I know, I hate when people put up a blog post and say “this isn’t an actual blog post,” but it isn’t.  I just wanted to refer all my readers to a great protest idea started by Chooplah.  She’s a hilarious blogger, and has come up with a great idea for a protest against the Boy Scouts of America which she describes on her blog, here.

The Gist of the Issue

The Boy Scouts has recently, AGAIN, decided to continue their policy of discrimination.  I’m not preachy, and I haven’t been remotely politically motivated on this blog before, but this is something which saddens me.  My family was VERY involved in the boy scouts.  My mother was a den mother.  My father was a troop leader.  And my brother and myself were both in scouts from the cub scouts, through the boy scouts.  Here’s the thing, though: my brother is gay.  He came out long after we left scouting behind, but I know if he had been openly gay when we were in scouts, then NONE of my family would have been involved in scouting.  The rest of my family would have had nothing to do with an organization which openly discriminates against one of us.

So, Chooplah has begun the protest, and I’m pitching right in.  I even set aside all my anti-twitter sentiments and set up a twitter account.  Okay, actually, I went on twitter INTENDING to make an account, only to find that I had already made one some time ago.  I must have been drunk. Seriously, the only two twitter accounts I was following were Soleil Moon Frye and Colin Meloy… these are not the actions of a sober person.  But I digress.  After re-activating my long dormant account, I posted my tweet.  Here’s what has been posted so far:

This is the tweet that started it all…

Another tweet keeps the ball rolling…

Finally, my addition to the mix.

Jump on Board

So, let’s keep this thing trending.  Be funny.  Be creative.  Most of all… be a part of something to show the bigots at the BSA what America REALLY thinks about hate and ignorance.  And, if you can’t think of anything, you could always just quote Penn and Teller… (warning: the video below is LONG and contains all sorts of things like foul language… and probably nudity.  It’s been years since I watched this on Shotime, but I’m pretty sure having naked women in every episode was written into their contract)


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  1. I’m in. Those fuckers wouldn’t let me join when I was little. They were anti-vagina apparently, so I am not sure why they don’t like gays. Then I had to join the Girl Scouts and was surrounded by little spoiled bitches. They were very mean to me.

    Luckily, I later attended high school with those jerks. Guess who ended up laughing at their acne and sluttiness…. THIS GIRL!!!



    • LMFAO! Yeah, how can one organization be both anti-vagina AND anti-homosexual? It just doesn’t add up… Just doesn’t add up.

      I admittedly know nothing of the Girl Scouts… except the obviously delicious cookies. Damn addictive, completely delicious cookies. *sigh*

  2. Crak, you are amazing. This is so perfect. Love it.

    • Aww shucks, ma’am! Haha! Seriously, though, you really hit on something which is close to my heart, and I was only too glad to join in.

  3. I HAD to be a Girl Scout since I’m a GIRL…Damn genetics. Girl Scouts are all about being a good friend to our sisters and doing good things. Wtf Boy Scouts??? “Honor”, my ass!

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