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  1. I was about to write a post about spam comments. We are seriously on the same wavelength these days. Also, Jambalaya Dingletwat is my stripper name…

  2. OH! I thought I had heard that somewhere. *blush* *cough* Well… this… is… awkwarrrrrrd.

    • This is why you’re my sister from another mister, Anna. I feel so superior now that I not only DIDN’T fall for this nonsense (someone lost $400,000?! Talk about a fool and their money, holy SHIT), but went on to make fun of them. Ahhh… thanks again my Swedish Sister!

  3. Dear Dingletwat, I think I ❤ you! lol Oh, and I recently came in to a LARGE sum of money. In order to get it however, I must find someone who is willing to split it with me AFTER they wire 45K to a midget in Thailand by the name of Jeff. You in?

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