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Mother Nature…

May 26, 2012

You’re a Real Bitch

This isn’t a real blog post.  This is just an observation I felt the need to share.

Arizonans love irony.  And sarcasm.  And apparently short sentences.  But mostly irony.  And apparently mother nature has an equal appreciation for irony, as she has shown us this weekend.

You see, here in America, this is Memorial Day weekend.  This three day holiday weekend is generally regarded as the beginning of summer.  As such, this is a time when most people living here in the Arizona desert take a vacation to escape the heat.  They go to the mountains, or to San Diego, or to… well… any place cooler than here.  Most families plan their Memorial Day escape for months, and spend a great deal of money on this break from the heat.

And … it … has … been … HOT.  We’ve had high temperatures exceeding 110° already.  It has, in fact, been hot and windy for a week now, which feels a bit like living in a blow dryer.  So, with the onset of the holiday weekend, there was (not surprisingly) a mass exodus from the small town in which I live.  Not me, mind you, but most people in this town seem to have left sometime yesterday afternoon.

Then the temperature began to drop.  And drop.  And drop.  And here it is, nearly noon on Saturday and the temperature has barely topped 70°.   Today’s high is only 84° and tomorrow’s will only be 89°.  It’s like winter all over again (no, seriously, that’s pretty much like February here).  So, as families all over the region spend huge sums of money trying to escape the heat, that bitch mother nature is laughing her ass off while turning down the thermostat on us.

Nice one mother nature.  You got us good this time.


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