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About Procrastination

May 21, 2012


I’ll Just Name This Blog Later

I’m a procrastinator by nature.  I don’t honestly know WHY I procrastinate like I do.  It causes me no end of grief.  I never think to myself, “DAMN I’m glad I put that off rather than do it right away.” And yet, I procrastinate…

For example, as I took the last light bulb out of the box to replace the blown bulb in the storage closet, I thought to myself, I should probably buy some more light bulbs.  Later, as I was unscrewing one of the working lights from above the dining room table to put in the kitchen light, I thought to myself, I should really, really buy some more light bulbs.  As I was unscrewing one of the last remaining light bulbs from the bathroom to move to the hall light, I thought to myself, holy shit I should buy some more light bulbs.  As I crept under the cover of darkness to unscrew the light from my neighbor’s porch to put into my bedroom, I thought to myself, motherfucker!  WHY do I have no fucking light bulbs.  That and, holy SHIT this thing is hot!

This is my offer of explanation for the infrequent nature of my blogs.  I will never come on here with a fistful of apologies for not blogging, “Sorry, my cat died and I have not really felt funny lately,” or, “Sorry, my house burned to the ground and I was unable to blog as I have been living in a tent,” or, “I’ve been incredibly busy lately with… whatever it is I do…”

No.  It goes like this… I think of something blogworthy and say, I should totally write about that.  Then, some time later, I’m reminded of that thing, and I think, shit, I forgot.  I should stop procrastinating and write about that.  Then some time later I will be again reminded and think, Fuck!  Seriously?  Why didn’t I write about that, yet.

Think of it this way: you know when you’re on hold on the phone with some government agency and the terrible music is interrupted to tell you that all operators are currently helping other customers, but you suspect that they are all off playing poker and smoking cigars while they laugh at the length of the queue? I’m busy playing poker and smoking cigars… another blog shall be forthcoming… eventually.


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  1. When I haven’t written a post in a while and I start to feel a little guilty about it, I’m just going to send everyone over to your site to read this post. “Get over it suckers. It will happen eventually. If YOU want to change the oil in my car, feel free…”

  2. Oh… crap… the oil in my car. Dang, now that you remind me…

    I’ve done blogs before on other sites (as I have mentioned somewhere on my blog already… the About Me page. Oops, I mean the More About Me page… which is the “real” about me page) and have been full of apologies and explanations for myself. Not this time. I plan on writing everything on here that I WISHED I had written on other blogs. Wonder when my next post will be? Me too! Get over it! Haha!

  3. By “playing poker and smoking cigars” you really mean “masturbating and eating Dominos chocolate lava cakes,” right? Nice metaphor.

    • I, in fact, do NOT mean that. I might do one or the other, but mixing masturbation and eating chocolate lava cakes sounds damned dangerous!

      Holy crap… that would make for one horrible trip to the emergency room. “The strangest thing happened, doc…” “Save it, buddy. We’ve heard ’em all.”

  4. Why don’t you just make a webcam of you playing poker and smoking cigars? Content for everybody, and you could probably even get some free cigars on behalf of advertisers.

    • Haha… well, point in fact I DO actually run a poker game in my house which is usually a 2 table affair, but I don’t smoke cigars. I don’t like the idea of having video evidence of said game, sooooo on the webcam idea I think I’ll pass.
      Also you may notice a distinct lack of advertising on my site. I tend to think of this blog as being fairly “underground” … what’s said here stays here, that sort of thing. But, now that you bring it up, let me just say that I’M NOT TOO GOOD FOR ADVERTISING! PLEASE, ALLOW ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SELL OUT!
      Uhm, hehe, feel free to pretend that isn’t there. My dignity is still in tact, right?

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